Our Story

A group of people met on the island of Maui, frequently gathering at a lively north shore creperie. It was here, over plates of food, that many friendships were formed. Within this cafes four airy walls there was a ton of laughter while plans were hatched for everything from the next surf session to future travels. We have taken with us that spirit and those recipes that have fed souls of those who wander. We have brought it to the Pacific Northwest, making it our own and sharing it with you.

surf photo

True to our wandering spirit, we like to mix things up and spin out some original creativity. Though our tastes may span the globe, we're making every effort to source ingredients close to home and keep it organic as possible. Each tasty morsel is made in-house with a commitment to using the freshest ingredients. Come by. Eat some crepes. Drink a coffee. Talk story... and just hang out.